Dads office


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday will come to you♥

In west area of Japan, happened pretty big earthquake.
I hope my friends are safe.
At least, i am fine, because i am living from far apart from Osaka.
So no worry about me :D

Credit @ Tres Beau Maison in On9
TB Maison Dads Desk, Complete, Resize
*Table size changeable by touch
TB Maison Tufted Chair
TB Maison Fabric Screen, Resize

Credit @  Wood Works in Swank
Plush White Chair (copy) R
Plush White Sofa (copy)
Plush White Chair (copy) L
McCallen Decor Shelf - B
McCallen Decor Shelf - A
Monochrome Coffee Table(copy)
Vase Salt with white Orchid  (mesh)
White Diamond Plush Rug (copy)
Window Spring Rain (copy)

Credit @ Captured waters 
The couple
Rainbow side table
Forgoten west
Day at the beach