Fenced orange blossom


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday so far :)

Are you watching the World cup succer? Japan team was win from Colombia.
Japan team was first team in Asia that win from South America team. So incredable!!
I hope you also enjoy the soccer!!

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Ethan] Brick Wall Fence . long
Sway's [Ethan] Brick Wall Fence . curve
Sway's [Ethan] Brick Pillar
Sway's [Ethan] Wooden Gate (scripted)
Sway's [Ethan] Brick Wall Fence . short

Credit @ Little branch in The Chapter four
*Leaf season change by touch

Credit @ Raindale in Illuminate
Raindale - Costerfield bench
Raindale - Costerfield stump 1
Raindale - Costerfield fire pit

Credit @ Chez Moi Furntiure in Tres Chic
Barbecue Shed (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Potted Goldliguster CHEZ MOI
Wall Lamp CHEZ MOI

House : Thistle McGill Townhouse (cm) by Thistle Homes in Builder's box May (HQ)
Balderdash - Herring trimmed shrubbery - Green - Trio -mesh Balderdash in Swank
Balderdash - Herring trimmed shrubbery - Green - Weeble -mesh Balderdash in Swank
Balderdash - Herring trimmed shrubbery - Green - Bush Balderdash in Swank

Sway's released 2 type Fence. this type was made by Brick. you can find the other type fence at entrance on mainstore.

Enjoy your Secondlife :)
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