Summer Heat


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday so far😉

Swank "Tropical Island Heat" event opened on 7th to 31th.
I hope you visit and enjoy the shopping very tropical dress and furniture😋
Featuring The Liaison Collaborative with Bee Design and Little branch!
and Visit to Sway's main store and check this month's SPOTLIGHT.
For one month, starting on the 5th, one product is in the spotlight.
50% off for Sway's V.I.P. Members and 15% off for non V.I.P. Members!
Will be in the spotlight the other items on next month.

Credit @  Sway's SPOTLIGHT
Sway's [Pantai] Beach Hut - detailed
Sway's [Pantai] Beach Hut - Pier
Sway's [Pantai] Beach Hut - Stairs short
Sway's [Pantai] palm leaf A - dry
Sway's [Pantai] palm leaf A - fresh
Sway's [Pantai] palm leaf B - fresh

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Swank "Tropical Island Heat"
DD Tropical Dream Tent Adult
*Coming in PG and in Adult

Credit @ Little Branch in The Liaison Collaborative

Credit @ Bee Design in The Liaison Collaborative "Pool decor gacha"
Pool decor gacha 2- 2 RARE (Sofa)
Pool decor gacha 2- 5 (Chair)
Pool decor gacha 2- 10 (Chair)
Pool decor gacha 2- 7 (tube)
Pool decor gacha 2- 6 (table)
Pool decor gacha 2- 4 (table with desert)
Pool decor gacha 2- 9 (tube wear type)
Pool decor gacha 2- 8 (standing board)
Pool decor gacha 2- 3 (towel board)

Credit @ **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**
*Beach Vibes* Fence Hunt Gift
*Kaya* Lights Pink

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