The brand new sunny day


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday!!

Recently i have feeling "Communication" is complicate.
even if i am not intend do mad you, you mad at me with many reasons.
i can not win when urge with you but i want you to know many things about me.
...... was just my complain.
blogging is my relaxing and refresh place. 

Credit @ Tm:. Creation in Sense Event
[The Shells] Beach Bed ADT anims. BE4.a
~Pillow The Shells BE4
~Bedside Table "The Shells" Decors BE4
~Open Seashell decor
~Book Double BE4
~Rug The Shells BE4

Credit @ HJM Design in Perfect TEN
Tulips Hanging Tire Planter
Bougainvillea Hanging Tire Planter

Credit @ **Mistique** in Perfect TEN
Ansa Seat Beige
Plant stand

Credit @ **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**
*Lissy* Window Rack
*Lissy* Frame B TCS - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Lissy* Frame A TCS - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Titania's Rose Garden*

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / <Heart Homes>
<Heart Homes> Classic Chaise sofa  - PG

Enjoy your Secondlife!
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