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May i write down about my builder's box story? lol
I missed to get first edition .. so after that i had looked forward to see the announce of that reservation start.
Then after to know that, I ran to get reservation to HQ. lol
This is kind of expensive shopping but it worth to do it very much.
Builder's Box released "Commercial Edition" for Shop owner or for who will open the shop.
Of course you can use this as your house.
Builder's box Commercial editon HQ in world :
Builder's Box Coomercial edition on marketplace :
All info :

Credit @ Raindale
Raindale - Heathergate bench v2 @ Sense August
*Color change by HUD
"Somerfield gacha"@Raindale main store
Rare ~ Raindale ~ Somerfield pavilion
Raindale ~ Somerfield garden deck
Raindale ~ Somerfield lemonade
Raindale ~ Somerfield glass lantern (pink)
Raindale ~ Somerfield glass lantern (green)
Raindale ~ Somerfield glass lantern (blue)
Raindale ~ Somerfield picnic table
Raindale ~ Somerfield canopy lights

Credit @ Spargel & Shine Homes in Builder's Box Commercial Edition (Taxi to HQ)
Galiano Modular Store Complete with FX
Galiano Modular Store Main with FX

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Ethan] Brick with Hedge Fence . long
Sway's [Ethan] Archway
Sway's [Ethan] Brick with Hedge Fence . curve
Sway's [Ula] Street Lamp (automatic)

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture "Hvar Patio Set "
Hvar Rattan Stool CHEZ MOI
Hvar Rattan Table CHEZ MOI
Lemon Decor CHEZ MOI
Hvar Cuttlery CHEZ MOI
Hvar Kettle CHEZ MOI
Hvar Flowers CHEZ MOI
Hvar Creamer and Holder CHEZ MOI
Hvar Sugar Bowl CHEZ MOI
Hvar Rattan Couch (Adult) CHEZ MOI 1
Hvar Parasol CHEZ MOI

Credit @ [CIRCA] living
[CIRCA] - "Sunland" Honey Merchant Table - Greyish
[CIRCA] - "Sunland" Folding Chair w/ Sunhat - Greyish (18 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Jardin de Ville" Geranium Planter Box - Purples v2
[CIRCA] - "Jardin de Ville" Geranium Planter Box - Quad Mix v2
[CIRCA] - "Sunland" Folding Chair w/ Sunhat - Cedar (18 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Sunland" Honey Merchant Table - Cedar
[CIRCA] - "Sunland" Folding Chair - Greyish (18 pos)

Credit @ Little Branch

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