Into Summer Sweet


Dear reader. Hope your good Saturday :)

One of my important summer food is Ice cream or shaving ice and more sweet food 💓
If i meet with this Icecream Van, i would buy some sweets and i will be happy :)
BSHouse released Ice Cream Van and chair set.
Please read the included NC... explained for you the way that you enjoy and hope you have fun 😍

Credit @ BSHouse in Swank Around the world
BSHouse Ice Cream Van 1 *Rezzing by rezzar
 BSHouse-Cocktail Bottles
 BSHouse Frozen Machine
   BSHouse- registratore cassa
 BSHouse Ice Cream Machine
 Icecream sign
*When you open or close the main Van's doors, type in local chat the word "open" or "closed"
*More info Please read the NC inside the folder. Your Icecream Vab life will be more fun for sure!
BSHouse-Table Bar 1  *Rezzing by rezzar
   BSHouse-Table Bar
   BSHouse-chair Bar (4 chair) 
   BSHouse Ice CReam
   BSHouse Granita

Credit @ .:Tm:.Creation
[Wood Planter] Mix Plants and Flowers GP12
~GP12 Cat on Blanket

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH :: 
:: N :: Octopus Chandelier, Amber/Copper
:: N :: Octopus Chandelier, Blue/Pewter

Credit @ [CIRCA] living
[CIRCA] - "The Courtyard" Obelisk Planter - White Grey (S)
[CIRCA] - "The Courtyard" Obelisk Planter - Hickory (L)
[CIRCA] - "The Courtyard" Obelisk Planter - Ash (S)
[CIRCA] - "The Courtyard" Obelisk Planter - Beech (L)
[CIRCA] - "Beach Life" Palm Tree - Green Straight (L)

Enjoy your Summer ♥
Thanks for coming to my blog.