Taste the summer


Dear reader. Hope your day is good :)

Today was so so high heat in japan... but i saw the some news same issue on the other country too.
I hope you take care for your body if your area also very hot.
but i like Summer😁  My RL birthday is in August.. so will come soon :)

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / <Heart Homes> in SaNaRae 
<Heart Homes> Couple Fishing Chair PG
<Heart Homes> Lovers Fishing Chair PG
Heart Homes Beach Torch
<Heart Homes> Fishing Chair Utensils box (Deco)
<Heart Homes> Fishing Sidetable
<Heart Homes> Fishing Chair Drinks Tablet (Deco)

Credit @ [CIRCA]living
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Wildflower Centrepiece /Candles - Rust
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Wildflower Centrepiece /Candles - Alum
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Wildflower Centrepiece - Aluminum
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Wildflower Centrepiece - Rust
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Outdoor Dining Table & Poles - w/ Me 1
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Butter & Shaker Mills 2
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Maple Syrup Duo - Jug & Dispenser
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Placemats & Tableware - SET1 - Rezzer
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Ale Jug
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Barbecue Stand - 4 Wood Menu (6 pos)

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Elodie] Bench Sofa . Adult
Sway's [Elodie] Canopy
Sway's [Elodie] Monstera Plant (tall)
Sway's [Elodie] Monstera Plant (small)
Sway's [Elodie] Table
Sway's [Elodie] Candles and Seashells
Sway's [Elodie] Pouf

Hope you enjoy the Summer of Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.