The gift


Dear reader. Hope you have nice Friday :)

I like to give a present to friend or husband or family.
of course i like to get a present also. but rather i prefer to give to you.
Specially, if i found something very nice present for you :)

Credit @ Tres Beau Maison in On9
TB Maison Art Deco Fan Mirror
TB Maison Art Deco Statue
TB Maison Art Deco Side Table
TB Maison Art Deco Fan Chair L Patterned
*Fabric Design change by Touch
TB Maison Art Deco Fan Chair R, Suedes
*Fabric Design change by Touch

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH ::
:: N :: Olivia Panel Bed (Adult)

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / <Heart Homes>
Aphrodite "The Bestman" Large Gift box
Aphrodite "Bestman" Giftbox Heart
*Open / Close by Touch 

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.