Halloween melody...


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Spooky time is here! Spooky garden is here!
Builder's Box Black Magic Box released 💓
Preview : http://buildersboxsl.com/black-magic/
Purchase in world : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hell%20Fire/217/228/22
Purchase in marketplace : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Builders-Box-Black-Magic-2018/15539984

Credit {Candle & Cauldron} in Builder's Box Black Magic (HQ)
House : {C&C} Sanderson Rest

Credit @ Little Branch in-world shop or Marketplace
Tree : LB_creepyspooky.v1[Mesh}
Tree : LB_spookytree.v2{Mesh}
Tree : LB_Spookytree.v3{mesh}
Tree : LB_GnomeTree{Mesh}
Grass : LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh
Hill : LB_Hill-v1{Low Li}

Credit @ .Florix.  in Salem  (End date : 31th October)
Bat flock : .Florix. Bat tempest - Brown 01
Bat flock : .Florix. Bat Tempest 03 - Black
Bat flock : .Florix. Bat Tempest 01 - Black
Bat flock : .Florix. Bat Tempest 03 - Black

Credit @ HJM Design in Perfect TEN
Piano : Halloween Piano Skeleton (Access All)
Garden decor : Milk Can Decoration - Fall
Garden decor : Halloween Ladder Decoration

Credit @ Sway's in Gachaland
Sway's [6 ft under] Gravestone . You're next
Sway's [6 ft under] Gravestone . In Memory RARE
Sway's [6 ft under] Gravestone . Dying to be here
Sway's [6 ft under] Gravestone . Peek A. Boo
Sway's [6 ft under] Pile of dirt
Sway's [6 ft under] Pile of dirt with hand RARE

Stone pathway : stone pathway by Simply Shelby

I hope you enjoy spooky time!
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