Harvest time is here again


Dear reader. Hope you having nice weekend :)

Its so lovely time ... Harvest time is here again.
and Goose released so lovely harvest gacha. Right now it is at main store.

Credit @ Little Branch in Uber

Credit @ GOOSE
GOOSE - Shelter
GOOSE - Pile hay
GOOSE - Harvest time single sofa A
GOOSE - Harvest time big couch ADULT RARE
GOOSE - Harvest time table
GOOSE - bag apples
GOOSE - Harvest sign
GOOSE - Apples sign
GOOSE - pile of apples
GOOSE - Barrel
GOOSE - Milk can grey
GOOSE - Milk can White

Credit @ [CIRCA]living
[CIRCA] - "Oakfield" Sunflower Cluster with Pumpkins B
[CIRCA] - "Oakfield" Sunflower Single with Pumpkins B
[CIRCA] - "Oakfield" Pumpkin Cart - Autumn Wood
[CIRCA] - "Oakfield" Fabric Pumpkin Stack - Porch Decor
[CIRCA] - "Oakfield" Milk Can with Sunflowers - Mixed
[CIRCA] - "Oakfield" Sunflower Cluster with Pumpkins A
[CIRCA] - "Oakfield" Sunflower Single with Pumpkins A

Enjoy Autumn decoration!
Thanks for coming to my blog.