Powder Pack October Catwa Reservation

Dear Catwa lover 💓

Powder Pack October Catwa Edition reservation will end of 16th.
You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 1st and the 16th midnight SLT.
Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on OCTOBER 17TH early SLT time. 
I hope you do not miss out that 50%off price. after released, it will change to full price.

Powder Pack October Catwa Pre-order in world
Powder Pack October Catwa Pre-order in marketplace
All info : http://powderpacksl.com/

Featured brands are ...
# adored : Main store / Flicker
amara beauty : Main store / Flicker 
Bold & Beauty : Main store / Flicker 
BOSSIE. : Main store / Flicker
COLIVATI BEAUTY : Main store / Flicker
DeeTaleZ : Main store / Flicker
Essences : Main store / Flicker 
EUPHORIC : Main store (Marketplace) / Flicker
L'Etre : Main store / Flicker
MILA : Main store / Flicker
NOX : Main store / Flicker
TRES BEAU : Main store / Flicker

Stay tuned <3