Weekend morning dream


Dear reader. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

When i love someone, I would be want everything.
So if He or She being with any other, i can not stay calm.
I want to know all the time about her or him. even thought not in SL.
but maybe this is out of the rule of SL love.  I think i have to patient more more.
SL love is complicate more than RL for me💙

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan "Garden stone wall build pack"
wall lamp : GOOSE - Lamp ( touch on/off)
pole between wall : GOOSE - Large pole dirty
Gate : GOOSE - iron gate
pole between wallGOOSE - Large pole
wall : GOOSE - Wall A (plane)
wall : GOOSE - Dirty wall A

Credit @ Little Branch in Blueprint Home & Garden Event
Red leaf tree : LB_JapaneseMaple{Animated}5Seasons

Credit @ CJ Creation in Swank
Grass : CJ Secret Garden Field - 5 diff. colors of Roses by touch
CJ Secret Garden *Rezzing by Rezzbox
Detail credit
 CJ Secret Garden Ground
 CJ Secret Garden Deco Set
 CJ Secret Garden Iron Bench 23Single+19 Couple+Props
 CJ Secret Garden Lamp Light on/off by touch
well : CJ Autumn Well with chipmunks
Fountain : CJ Secret Garden Fountain Woman
Vase flower : CJ Autumn Scarecrow Planter with Hydrangea
Vase flower : CJ Autumn Chrysanthemum Planter

Credit @ Balderdash in Swank
Balderdash - Ankles bane - Round - Orange
Balderdash - Ankles bane - Wall - Orange

Credit @ NOMAD
NOMAD // Norse Cottage

Enjoy your autumn in SL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.