The tree singing the winter song


Dear reader.  Hope your Friday will be good :)

Christmas is almost here! but my picture has not the taste of Christmas^^;
but i hope your Christmas decoration is perfect! 😊

Credit @ Schultz Bros in Builder's Box SnowStorm (HQ)
Cabin : Schultz Bros. The Winter Cabin Large

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan (End date : December 29th)
"Oakville Park Set"
Lamp : Oakville Snowy Lampost (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Bench : Oakville Snowy Bench (Adult) CHEZ MOI
*Bench and Lamp coming in PG and Adult.
*Coming Snowy type and not snowy type.

Credit @ The Looking Glass in Swank
Tree : TLG - Winter's Love Powder Puff Tree - Glitter
Tree : TLG - Winter's Love Powder Puff Tree - Tinsel
Tree : TLG - Winter's Love Bridal Tree - Glitter
Tree : TLG - Winter's Love Bridal Tree - Tinsel
Decor : TLG - Winter's Love Garden Decor
Decor : TLG - Winter's Love Brazier
Rug : TLG - Winter's Love Cuddle Rug
Grass : TLG - Winter's Love Frost Flowers
Fence : TLG - Snowy Fence Grey - Half
Fance : TLG - Snowy Fence Grey - Full

Grass : Balderdash - Wishflower - Winter
winter landscape w/bunny by Simply Shelby

Enjoy your winter decoration and i hope you like i made a scenery.
Thanks for coming to my blog.