Hobbit wonderland


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Have you visited to The Enchantment of current round?
The theme is "Road of the ring". so if you like this movie, you would be find something your favorite one.
Bee Design released so cute Hobbit House. i hope you can get this house!  

Credit @ Bee Design in The Enchantment "Hobbit Hole Gacha"
Hobbit house : Bee Designs Hobbit hole Gacha 1 RARE
Sign : Bee Designs Hobbit hole Gacha 8
wood post : Bee Designs Hobbit hole Gacha 7
Hanging lamp : Bee Designs Hobbit hole Gacha 3
Hanging lamp : Bee Designs Hobbit hole Gacha 11
Chair : Bee Designs Hobbit Hole Gacha-Petite 4
Table : Bee Designs Hobbit Hole Gacha-Petite 9
Bread dish : Bee Designs Hobbit Hole Gacha-Petite 10
Bookshelf : Bee Designs Hobbit Hole Gacha-Petite 5
Bed : Bee Designs Hobbit Hole Gacha-Petite 2

Credit @ Thaino Designs in Swank
Emma Old bed butterfly garden
Emma round garden with faucet
Emma overgrown garden
Emma Bird Garden. Touch birds to animate
Emma old tree hideout. touch deer to animate
Emma old garden chair. Touch birds to animate

Other items ...
Tree group : Heart - Flowering Path - Mixed - Straight by HEART GARDEN
road : HPMD* Dirt Road/curve - light brown

Enjoy and Have fun :)