Lovely weekend


Dear reader. Hope your lovely weekend :)

I do not like the drama... i like peaceful day... but sometimes, it does not make it so.
and i got upset when that. Not depends on country that feeling this is love.
and very important how you caring to your loved one.
and that is not enough that just you thinking care..
because if the partner does not feel that you do not care, it is the same you do not care for her/him.
and sometimes, no need to know the truthfully... just want you to say to me " are you ok?"

Credit @ Sway's in The Liaison Collaborative (End date : 26th)
Chair : Sway's [Nola] Chair
Table : Sway's [Nola] Table
lamp : Sway's [Nola] Lamp

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Ace Event
DD Melrose Hanging Bed- Adult

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture  "Mason Dinner"
Chair : Rattan Armchair CHEZ MOI
table : Mason Dinner Table CHEZ MOI
table decor
Mason Dinner Placemat CHEZ MOI
Mistletoe Candle CHEZ MOI
Turkey Tray CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Florix
Cabin : .Florix. Forest Cabin  - Purple
*3 roof color coming.

Landscape item...
Heart - Flowering Path - NO TREES - Cross
Heart - Flowering Path - Mixed - Cross
Heart - Flowering Path - NO TREES - Straight
Heart - Flowering Path - Mixed - T
Cliff : HPMD* Cliff Hill - green A
by Balderdash
Balderdash - Fairybell - Flowers- E - Chili