Your taste like sunshine


Dear reader. Hope your lovely Tuesday!

I am enjoying to blog when i am in SL. and i enjoying to spent time with my love.
He is connecting to each other's RL too. but we are not too much involve in each others RL.
we have to do and its the best way to keep our relationship in SL and i am very satisfied.

Credit @ Sense March round
Shop : Aphrodite shop "Donut buffet Gacha"
Aphrodite Donut buffet  RARE
Aphrodite Donut Platter Red&passionfruits
Aphrodite Donut Platter Kids Choice
Aphrodite Donut Platter Babies Choice
Aphrodite Donut Platter Choc&Cream indulge
Aphrodite Donut Platter Sprinkles  Selection
Aphrodite Donut Platter Toddlers Choice
Aphodite Donut Platter - Birthday or rezzday spread RARE
Aphrodite Best Day ever Donut Tower RARE
Aphodite Donut Platter - Pinkish spread RARE

Backdrop : Lop backdrops Welcome to the sun

Shop : .:Tm:.Creation
[The Scooter] Garden Scene GP20

Credit @ Home&Garden Expo2019 Hope9
Sponsor shop :.:Tm:.Creation
[The Peace] Nature Scene GM24
[Rustic Planter] Trunk with flowers GP19