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Dear reader. Hope your lovely Friday :)

Today is lovely Friday! please take care of your wallet for do not be empty :)

Credit @ Sway's in FLF (19th April)
Vase bunny : Sway's [Flower Pot Bunny] mocha
Vase bunny : Sway's [Flower Pot Bunny] charcoal
Vase bunny : Sway's [Flower Pot Bunny] cotton
Sway's [Bunny Egg] Mr.
Sway's [Bunny Egg] Mrs.

Credit @ Park Place in Swank
bed : [Park Place] Oriana Boho Chic Bed - Adult
ceiling lamp : [Park Place] Oriana Pine Ceiling Lamp
wall cloth : [Park Place] Oriana Boho Chic Wall Hanging
side table : [Park Place] Oriana Boho Bedside Table
dresser : [Park Place] Oriana Dresser
table lamp : [Park Place] Oriana Lamp - Teal
sofa : [Park Place] Oriana Boho Pallet Sofa - Adult
hanging chair : [Park Place] Oriana Boho Chic Hanging Chair - PG
chair : [Park Place] Oriana Papasan Chair - PG
table chair : [Park Place] Oriana Dinette Chair
table : [Park Place] Oriana Dinette Table
table lamp : [Park Place] Oriana Lamp - Yellow

Credit @ Magnum Opus in On9
wall clock : [MO] Functional Wall Clock Shiplap
wall clock (right) : [MO] Functional Wall Clock Green

Credit @ [CIRCA]living
[CIRCA] - "AZIZA" Tall Vase - Tropica Plant - Russet Metal (L)
[CIRCA] - "Aziza" Hanging Fern Basket (long)
[CIRCA] - "AZIZA" Bowl Vase - Snake Plant - Umber Ceramic (L)
[CIRCA] - "AZIZA" Tall Vase - Tropica Plant - Gold Metal (L)

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