Glitter time...


Dear reader. Hope you have nice morning / afternoon / evening!

Very very long days holiday will come soon in japan.
The emperor will retire and change to his son. but i will work but most of people will off the work for 10 days.

Credit @ Casa de Bebe in Swank April
Sofa : {CdB} Marrakesh Sectional Sofa_PG
Chest : {CdB} Mother-of-Pearl Moroccan Chest
table : {CdB} Tiled Coffee Table
Side table : {CdB} Moorish Tray Table
Chair : {CdB} Marrakesh Chair - PG
Side table : {CdB} Moorish Mosaic & Teak Taboret
Rug : {CdB} Oversized Antique Persian
Rug : {CdB} Shag Throw Rug Camel
Rug : {CdB} Shag Throw Rug Beige
chandelier : {CdB} Tesoro Chandelier
{CdB} Teak Incense Burner
{CdB} Esme Candle
{CdB} Echeveria Succulent Plant
{CdB} Pine Candlestick
{CdB} Bronze Candlestick I
{CdB} Bronze Candlestick III
{CdB} Lizzard Vase
{CdB} Hazel Yellow Potted Plant
{CdB} Potted Ivy in Faience
{CdB} Moroccan Lemons
{CdB} Sedum
{CdB} Carnelian Jar
{CdB} Potted Grass

Credit @ Bee Design
Bed : Bee Designs Bailey  Sex Bed
Rug : Bee Designs Bailey Bedroom Set rug
wall art : Bee Designs Bailey Bedroom Set wall decor

Enjoy and have fun :)
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