Spring is here, Easter it brings.


Dear reader. I hope my Friday will be sweet 💓

Searched the day is Easter and i got the day is April 21th.
I am not a Christian and living in japan.. so when i hear "Easter" is like fantasy story.
Well i mean I know the name of Easter but not in my ordinary. but when i read Easter history, i felt i wanted to be part of it in RL too.

Credit @ Pink Magic in Swank April event
Easter egg decor
 Easter Egg white
 Easter Egg pink
 Easter Egg green
 Easter Egg purple
 Easter Egg orange

Credit @ .:M.LAW:.  in On9
Gazebo : .:M.LAW:. Rose romantic GAzebo *Rezzing by rezzar 

Credit @ [CIRCA] living in Syndicate Sunday (in-world group) (Apr 7th - Mar 14th ~ 8 DAYS)
Chair : [CIRCA] - "Brookside" Adirondack ChairB - Light Grey (6pos)
Chair : [CIRCA] - "Brookside" Adirondack ChairA - Light Grey (6pos)
Chair : [CIRCA] - "Brookside" Stone Fire Table - Grey Rose Marble

Credit @ .Lunaria.
Landscape item
.Lunaria. Birch Forest - Large
.Lunaria. Birch Forest - Small
.Lunaria. Spring's Rest
.Lunaria. Purple Tulip Field

and i will introduce you the other Easter items too in April.
I hope i will be done until 21th. because this is the day of Easter in RL.

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.