Spring retreat


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekend :)

Credit @ Home&Garden Expo2019 Hope10 (End date : 7th)
Sponsor shop : True North Designs (Home&Garden Expo2019 Hope10)
Gazebo : Petit Maison Gazebo
Chair : Printemps Gazebo Chair 2
Chair with scarf : Printemps Gazebo Chair 1
Table : Printemps Gazebo Table
Table decor : Garden Books
Table decor : Mason Jar with Poppies

Sponsor shop : FlyingArts (Home&Garden Expo Hope10)
Flower wagon : Butterfly Wagon
Flower wagon :Buzzy Wagon

Credit @ Home&Garden Expo2019 Hope1
Sponsor shop : Oi Bae!
Wood cottage : C*Oi Bae! -  Rustic Romantic Retreat

Credit @ Galland Home in The Bloom Event
rock green house : Freeman Green House

Credit @ Boardwalk event
Shop name : Raindale 
well : Raindale - Midmoor Wishing well  *Color change by HUD

Shop name : Little branch
Tree : LB_RedBudTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons
Grass : LB_OakGrass_Fall*Summer{Mesh}2Li

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
Swing : Romantic Swing (PG) CHEZ MOI

Credit : [CIRCA]living
Flower wagon : [CIRCA] - "Meadowland" Cart Planter - Spring Mix - Hickory Wood

The case in not enough bloggers compare with sponsor, how much we worked hard, we would be told that we just want to get freebie.
This is so sad from us... we have RL and different timezone and of course we have each blogger's Secondlife too.
Always makes me disappointed when i heard it.

But not all ... even if not enough bloggers compare to sponsor.
Blogger management is very complicate. and i think it would be very hard. Always i am appreciate for them.
and i know some blog managers that wonderful work.
Blogger manager might be looks like fun.
Because looks like they just saying do blog and ask to write the report and look for new blogger and choose who you like and announce.
Unfortunately i know some blog manager doing work only like that. 

I know here is SL. some people working not serious.
but many of people working serious. I hope all blog manager should think about their work serious.

Thank you.