and there is another sunshine


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday :)

June passed by very fast. and i would love to share with you my Happiness garden.
Still the house is empty but there is alot of color in garden.
when i was decorating the garden, i really love to put alot of flower in my picture.

Credit @ Goose in Cosmopolitan  (Current round close on 29th)
brick arch : GOOSE - Garden arch
bench : GOOSE - Park bench

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Swank (Current round close on 30th)
Tent with tree : DD Bohemian Romantic Tent-Adult

Credit @ CJ Creation in  Swank (Current round close on 30th)
Garden fence : CJ Nature Garden Fence Plot with anim. Goose + Sparrow
wheelbarrow : CJ Garden Wheelbarrow + anim. Goose on/off by touch
cupid : CJ Peony Planter red white + sitting Cupid
cupid : CJ Peony Planter white + sitting Cupid
Cupid : CJ Peony Planter pink + sitting Cupid

Credit @ {zfg} in Swank (Current round close on 30th)
Greenhouse : {zfg} home in bloom greenhouse full
green Tree : {zfg} home in bloom green tree
cherry tree : {zfg} home in bloom cherry tree
flower : {zfg} home in bloom azalea double *Color change by HUD
Flower : {zfg} home in bloom azalea single *Color change by HUD

House : [ba] chatham cottage by [ba] barnesworth anubis
Cliff : Skye Cliff & Tower Set Outcrop 1
grass : Wild Weedy Grass  - crimson by Simply Shelby
grass : Wild Weedy Grass  - blue by Simply Shelby
Grass : Wild Weedy Grass  - pink by Simply Shelby
Grass : Wild Weedy Grass  - purple by Simply Shelby

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.