Summer times in the tropics


Dear reader. Hope your lovely Sunday :)

Mid summer is here!  June passed by and July is here!
Do you have some plan for next summer vacation?

Have you visited to Summer fest?
If i have Linden$ limitless, i would buy for all of them!

Catalog of Summer fest :

Credit @ Little branch in Summerfest
Palm tree : LB_DracaenaTree.V4{Animated}
Palm tree : LB_DracaenaTree.V2{Animated}
Palm tree : LB_DracaenaTree.V1{Animated}
Palm tree : LB_DracaenaTree.V3{Animated}
Other : LB_FanPalm{Animated}*Tall 
Other : LB_FanPalm{Animated}*HighRes
grass : LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B

Credit @ Bee Design 
Boat Bar Gacha

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
bench : Sombrero Tiki Bench (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Raindale
Shower : Raindale - Shellrane beach shower (adult)
decor : Raindale - Shellrane mirror

Some items were in just closed event but they will be move to main store.
so please visit to the shop :)

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.