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Dear reader. Hope you are day was good!

I really love the summer in SL :)  and always comfortable :)

Credit @ Raindale in Equal10 (Cam shopping sim)
Bed : Raindale - Oulington bed (adult)
*Coming in PG and Adult  *Color change by HUD

Credit @ Tres Beu Maison in On9
Chest : TB Maison Boho Chest, Natural
Picture : TB Maison Beach Chairs Picture
Room decor : TB Maison Glass Float
Room decor : TB Maison MilkCan Florals
Room decor : TB Maison Smile Board

Credit @ EVHAH in Swank Ocean breeze event
EVH Kuta Couch Duo *Rezzing by Rezzar
Detail credit
Couch : evh Kuta Couch DUO
Sofa : evh Kuta Chair
sofa : evh Kuta Chair 1
table : evh Kuta table
table decor : evh  Kuta Planter Of Love
table decor : evh  Kuta Heart  plant
plant : evh Kuta Monstera Plant *Design change by touch
plant : evh Kuta Strawberry Planter *Design change by touch
wall art : evh Kuta Picture
picture : evh Kuta Boho Pictures
wall side table : evh Kuta table2
rug : evh Kuta rug *Design change by touch
wall decor : evh Kuta Wall tapestry

Curtain : [CIRCA] - "Myst" Ribbed Curtains - In Ocean
Futon : Futon Lazy Sunday (Adult) CHEZ MOI by Chez Moi Furniture

Enjoy and have fun :)
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