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Dear reader. Hope your nice Friday!

Cosmopolitan current round running to the 24th August.

There is alot of food and many kind of ice cream in my screen.
And if there is many kind of soda, it would be heaven for me!

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan (Current round to the 24th)

Credit @ Duvet Day furniture in Cosmopolitan
" Summer in Santorini" Gacha
House : [DD] Summer in Santorini House MC RARE
Lounger : [DD] Summer in Santorini Seating MC
Canopy : [DD] Summer in Santorini Canopy MC
table : [DD] Summer in Santorini Rustic Dining Table MC
Chair : [DD] Summer in Santorini Chair MC
Vase : [DD] Summer in Santorini Pot MC
Chandelier : [DD] Summer in Santorini Chandelier MC

Credit @ LUCAS LAMETH boutique in Cosmopolitan
Food : (Luc.) Smores & Cherries (Touch Serve, BENTO)
Food : (Luc.) Pretzel Dogs (Touch Serve, BENTO)
*2nd picture is close up
*Activation message showing by touch

Credit @ Armonía Decor in Cosmopolitan
Plant : Armonia Decor [AD] Pot PinaMar (03) (Small one)
Plant : Armonia Decor [AD] Pot PinaMar (02) (big one)
Chair : Armonia Decor [AD] Chair PinaMar (Blue)
table : Armonia Decor [AD] Table PinaMar
Chair : Armonia Decor [AD] Chair PinaMar (Green)
sofa : Armonia Decor [AD] Armchair PinaMar (Blue)
Sofa : Armonia Decor [AD] Armchair PinaMar (Green)

Credit @ Little branch
Tree : LB_SagoPalm{Animated}*Mesh

Sway's [Evan] Roll Up Window Blind - Narrow . Natural
Sway's [Evan] Roll Up Window Blind - Wide . Natural
Sway's [Evan] Roll Up Window Blind - Narrow . Colorful

Enjoy and have fun!
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