August breeze


Dear reader. Hope you have good Thursday!

I live place has no ocean. so sometimes i miss the ocean and sea sand.
I like to feel ocean breeze even thought my hair would be mess.
when i was childhood, i could it easy because there is the sea near, but not now.

He gave me very big news and surprised when i got an invitation for blogger group of Cosmopolitan event.
then this is my first post for Cosmopolitan!
Current round will open until August 10th!

Credit @ Spargel & Shine Homes in Cosmopolitan event
House : Digger's Cove Dock House Ocean - Spargel & Shine Homes

Credit @ Dictatorshop  in Cosmopolitan event
Sofa : [Ds] Pappasan Lounger - PG/Everyone v1
*Coming in PG / Adult Vanilla / Adult Kink/Threesomes
Lounger : [Ds] Pappasan Sofa - PG/Everyone v1
*Coming in PG / Adult Vanilla / Adult Kink/Threesomes

Credit @ Dreamland Design
Tent : DD Tropical Dream Tent Adult

Table : [Ds] Vindustria Coffee Table - ADULT v1.1 by Dictatorshop
Plant : Mithral * Philodendron Billietiae (White Pot) by Mithral

Enjoy and have fun!
Thanks for coming to my blog.