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Sense August round has been open from 18th to 8th.
I would like to introduce you some of items of Home and garden item in Sense.
You will see the items at center area of event area.

Credit @ Elfico penso in Sense
"Sunny Lombardia Gacha"
House : 1. Elfico penso - Sunny Lombardia - Villa RARE
Plant Flower : 19. Elfico penso - Sunny Lombardia - Tulips Window
Wall lamp : 18. Elfico penso - Sunny Lombardia - Lamp
Presser : 5. Elfico penso - Sunny Lombardia - Press
side wall : 3. Elfico penso - Sunny Lombardia - Loggia

Credit @ Thaino Designs in Sense
Daybed : Sacha garden bed
Garden decor : Sacha sunflower box
Garden decor : Sacha garden tools
Garden decor : Sacha twig shelves
Garden decor : Sacha hibiscus flower box

Credit @ ~Adorably Strange Wares~ in Sense
Table : ~ASW~ The Somerset Desk
Table decor : ~ASW~ The Somerset Succulent Box
Table decor : ~ASW~ The Somerset Succulent Tray
Lamp : ~ASW~ The Somerset Lamp
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Monstera Planter
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant III
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant V
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant IV
Plant : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant I
Shelf : ~ASW~ The Somerset Plant Stand

Gazebo : 9. Elfico penso: Eveline's Gazebo - Octagonal - COMMON by Elfico penso
Tree : Skye Enchanted Woods V3 - 7 (single)
Tree : Skye Enchanted Woods V3 3 (trees)
Grass  : Fundati's Great Grass I (circle)

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