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Dear reader.  Hope your nice Friday :)

The communication is most important. The communication is not Drama.
If i got a mention but it was small mistake, and if there was not communication, i will leave from this person.
Because i am not sure what i have to care. Some people do not want to try to say, i really really hate. i do. 
but if there is communication between us, even thought it was very short, i do appreciate for the person. 

Credit @ Park Place in Swank August
Fireplace : [Park Place] Cambridge Explorer Club Fireplace I
wall picture : [Park Place] Green Winged Teal
wall clock : [Park Place] Steampunk Gear Clock
Desk : [Park Place] Cambridge Explorer Club Writing Desk
Chair : [Park Place] Cambridge Leather Chair - Adult
Chair : [Park Place] Cambridge Leather Club Chair - PG
Circle table with decor : [Park Place] Study Cocktail Table w/Accessories
Chair with blanket : [Park Place] Cambridge Wing Chair w/Blanket - PG
Chair : [Park Place] Cambridge Wing Chair  - PG
Chess table : [Park Place] Victorian Round Chess Table (Decor)
Rug : [Park Place] Tan and Cream Aubusson Area Rug
Rug : [Park Place] Madison  Area Rug
Hanging light:  [Park Place] Cambridge Explorers Club Chandelier
room decor : [Park Place] Temple Lion Artifact
room decor : [Park Place] Egyptian Cat Decor
room decor : [Park Place] Ancient Idol Horn
room decor : [Park Place] Egyptian Cat Decor
room decor : [Park Place] Tai Shakyamuni Artifact
room decor : [Park Place] Egyptian Jackal Decor
Window form : [Park Place] Cambridge Formal Window Seat

Shelf : [Merak] - Main Bookcase by Merak
ladder : [Merak] - Bella's Ladder by Merak
book : [Merak]- Bella's Books by Merak

House : ON*SU Starlight Penthouse

Enjoy and have fun :)
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