Summer morning


Dear reader. Hope you having nice day :)

I like to swim in pool :) but most of the time, i swam 25m pool.
Would be great if i have private 25m pool.
but if i think it like real. it would be hard to keep clean.but would be nice to swim when i want to. 

Credit @ Your Dreams in Cosmopolitan "Mediterranean House Gacha" 
Pool : {YD}Mediterranean House - Pool
Sofa : {YD}Mediterranean House -  Apple Sofa
Chair : {YD}Mediterranean House - Leeny Armchair
Chair : {YD}Mediterranean House - Apple Armchair
Rug : {YD}Mediterranean House - Rug
Frame : {YD}Mediterranean House - Polaroids Frame

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan
Float : Round Canopy Float (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan
fence : GOOSE - fence with posts
door : GOOSE - wood door
pole : GOOSE - Concrete corner post

Credit @ BananaN in Cosmopolitan
Wing chair : Angel Wings Seat - Pink
Wing chair : Angel Wings Seat - Green

Credit @ La Petite Vie
Vase flower : La Petite Vie - Pot de Lavande - Gray
plant flower : La Petite Vie - Citronnier (Animated) - Brown
Vase flower : La Petite Vie - Jarre buisson
Vase : La Petite Vie - Grande Jarre
Plant flower : La Petite Vie - Citronnier (Animated) - Green

Palm tree : MG - Fairy Tropics Palm Tree v1 by Mindgardens Creations
Ash tree : Heart - Wildwood - Ash Tree - Elegant Tall 6 by HeartGarden
Bush : Balderdash - Herring trimmed shrubbery - Green - Bush -mesh
Grass : LB_Snakeweed{Animated}*Summer-B by Little branch

Enjoy your Summer in SL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.