The time passing by calmly...


Dear reader. Hope your weekend was good and will come lovely weekday :)

Swank August round "All around the word event " is running to the 30th.
I hope you visit and enjoy the shopping.

btw, right now i am drunker.. i have not drunk alcohol often but sometimes i do.
most of the time, it was on Sunday. because next day i have no work so i can rest as much as i want to next day too if i took alcohol too much :)

Credit @ Wood Works in Swank August 
"Ebonvale Bedroom Set"
Bed : Ebonvale Bed ADULT (Copy)
lamp : Ebonvale Pin Lamp (copy)
bench : Ebonvale Bench (copy)
stove : Ebonvale Wood Stove (copy)
circle rug : Ebonvale Round Rug(copy)
planter with elephant : Jumbo Elephant Planter (copy)
square rug : Ebonvale Rug (copy)
side table : Ebonvale Bedside Table (copy)
Elephant object : Jumbo Elephant (black/gold Marble) copy
table : Ebonvale Clock Table (copy)
chair : Ebonvale Chair (copy)

Other items
plant : Mithral * Calathea Zebrina (Concrete Pot
wall plant : Mithral * Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger (Silver)
vase plant : La Petite Vie - Pot de Lavande - Cream
vase plant : La Petite Vie - Pot de Lavande - Gray

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.