Willow dream...


Dear reader. Hope you having nice day :)

Cosmopolitan current round will close on 10th.
Always feel so laggy but for me, it is very happy things. do you know why? :)

Titans willow tree is very beautiful.
i felt in love with this tree at that moment when i saw the picture on Srapphim.

Credit @ Duvet Day furniture in Cosmopolitan
Pergola : [DD] Amelia Pergola
Seat : [DD] Amelia Pergola Seat *Color change by Touch after you sit

Credit @ Your Dreams in Cosmopolitan
House : {YD}Mediterranean House - House RARE

Credit @ Dreamland Design
Bar : DD Hialeah Bar Stool-Adult
Drink jar : DD Lemonade Cocktail Crate

Credit @ Raindale 
daybed  :  Raindale - Summerisle daybed (adult)

Tree : Titans - The Weeping Willow @ The Liaison Collaborative

Enjoy and have fun :)
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