Books, books and little fox


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekday :)

I would like to share with you that one of the shop ~Moon rabbit~ in Cosmopolitan current round.
She released so so cute Fox. I put on ground but you can wear it also.
It is best way because would looks pretty on you. and this is animesh so LI is kind of huge.
please check my flicker. He is reading the book with leaning on book shelf.
This book shelf is by Fapple. i hope you visit to main store and check the couple animation.

Credit @ 220ML in Cosmopolitan
220ML - Rainbow Snack - Bottle
220ML - Rainbow Snack - Cup
*Including wearing type with bento animation
*Color change by touch 
220ML - Rainbow Snack - Napkin
220ML - Rainbow Snack - Dish  *Including wearing type with bento animation

Credit @ ~Moon rabbit~  in Cosmopolitan
Animesh Fox : ~MR~Vest Fox~Silver
Animesh Fox : ~MR~Vest Fox~Orange
Animesh Fox : ~MR~Vest Fox~Black
Animesh fox : ~MR~Vest Fox~Red
Animesh fox : ~MR~Vest Fox~Pink

Credit @ Fapple
book shelf : Fapple- Books, books and more books

Credit @ Dreamland Design
"DD Vintage Boho Loft Set Gacha"
bed : 1.DD Vintage Boho Bed Adult ULTRA RARE
hanging lantarn : 17.DD Bohemian Hanging Lantern
Rug : 6.Round Vintage Rug
circle rug : 7.Round Vibrant Boho Rug
table : 9.DD Old Vintage Table M
table : 10.DD Old Vintage Table L
cabinet : 3.DD Shabby Curio Cabinet RARE
wall Candle : 15.DD Shabby Wall Candle
wall decor : 16.DD Wall Love Art
plant : 5.DD Rubber Plant Vase
wall Candle : 14.DD Dark Wood Candle Rose

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