Dear reader. Hope you have nice Friday :)

Autumn season is officially is here.
and Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8} has a lot of Autumn color 💓

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8}
Sign : GOOSE - Tic Tac Toe sign
Hay : GOOSE - 3 Hay bales
Floor : GOOSE - Tic Tac Toe floor
pumpkin : GOOSE - Orange pumpkin O
white pumpkin : GOOSE - White pumpkin O
white pumpkin : GOOSE - White pumpkin X
hay : GOOSE - Hay bale

Credit @ Duvet Day furniture in Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8}
Greenhouse : [DD] Autumn Greenhouse MC RARE
box : [DD] Autumn Greenhouse Blankets MC
hanging lamp : [DD] Autumn Greenhouse Lighting MC
table : [DD] Autumn Greenhouse Table MC
chair : [DD] Autumn Greenhouse Dining Chair MC

Credit @ Bee Design in Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8}
" Fall Porch decor Gacha"
Flower in wood vase : Bee Designs Happy Fall Y'all Gacha  Porch Decor RARE
     ......Flower in wood vase and outdoor Halloween decor and Cart and etc..

Credit @ **OLD WORLD** in Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8}
"OW Big Fruits Gacha"
Table : OW Wooden table (rare)
chair with fruit : OW Chair with crate of grapefruits (rare)
Fruit in Crate
OW Crate of plums
OW Crate of apricots
OW Crate of pears
OW Crate of peaches
OW Crate of kiwis
OW Crate of mandarins
OW Crate of mangos
OW Crate of bananas
OW Crates of apples (rare)
OW Crate of persimmons
OW Crate of apples

Old World 's fruits are so looks juicy and tasty :D

Enjoy and have fun!
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