To the next season...


Dear reader. Hope your have wonderful Friday :)

Fell autumn is almost here in RL. but in SL, there is alot of autumn color.
and I love autumn decorate.
i will enjoy SL autumn in this year too and i hope you do too :)

Credit @ Duvet Day furniture in Cosmopolitan
"Autumn Garden Gacha"
Fireplace : [DD] Autumn Garden Fireplace MC RARE
Pergola : [DD] Autumn Garden Pergola MC
Candle : [DD] Autumn Garden Candles MC
Chair : [DD] Autumn Gardcen Armchair MC
ArmChair : [DD] Autumn Garden Sofa MC
Rug : [DD] Autumn Garden Rug MC
Table : [DD] Autumn Garden Table MC
Table decor : [DD] Autumn Garden  Apples MC
Pillow basket : [DD] Autumn Garden Pillow Basket MC

Credit @ Raindale in Cosmopolitan
"Autumnfell set"
double crate : Raindale - Autumnfell - two crates
weel : Raindale - Autumnfell weel
Single crate : Raindale - Autumnfell crate
Sign : Raindale - Autumnfell sign

Credit @ Bee Design in Cosmopolitan
"Creepy Dolls Gacha"
Girl doll , The doll inside the pot .. Showing 6 dolls.

Enjoy and have fun :)
thanks for coming to my blog.