Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday :)

Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8} will close on 5th.
and i love the face of below picture :D
SOURCES released new item. and his face changing randam. so i was waiting his face back to this :D

Credit @ SOURCES in Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8} 
Bench : HYWEEN from Sources

Credit @ (Fundati) in Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8} 
Tree : (Fundati) Dead Halloween Tree III
Tree : (Fundati) Dead Halloween Tree V
Tree : (Fundati) Dead Halloween Tree VII
Tree : (Fundati) Hallow Beast Tree
Tree : (Fundati) Hallow Beast Tree II w/skeleton
Tree : (Fundati) Dead Halloween Tree I -Large-
Branch : (Fundati) Dead Halloween Branch III
Branch : (Fundati) Dead Halloween Branch II

Credit @ Raindale 
wood table : Raindale - Thornmoor table
wood stool : Raindale - Thornmoor stool

Fountain : Balderdash - Pedestal fountain -Beat up - High

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