Autumn wishes


Dear reader. Hope you having good weekday :)

Its October coming! Little by little getting chilly i hope you do not get cold :)
However, Autumn is so great season for eat! a lot of vegetable and fruit and fish come to people.
so im scare i do not get fat :D

Credit @ andika in Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8}
Table decor
andika Halloween Donut//Decor
andika plate set/Decor
andika spoon/A-kitty//Decor
andika spoon/B-pumpkin//Decor

Credit @ Your Dreams in Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8}
"Autumn Wishes Gacha"
Table decor
{YD} Autumn Wishes - Comfort RARE (with note)
{YD} Autumn Wishes - Inspiration (with cloth)
{YD} Autumn Wishes - Peace
{YD} Autumn Wishes - Laziness
{YD} Autumn Wishes - Happinees

Credit @ The looking grass Group Gift (Join free)
TLG - Harvest Pumpkin Spice Latte and Cookie Dispenser

Table : [DD] Autumn Greenhouse Table MC @ Cosmopolitan {Round 9/8}

Enjoy your autumn season in SL.
Thanks for coming to my blog.