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Dear reader. Hope your nice Tuesday :)

Swank New round theme is "Goth" opened on 7th. and running to the 30th.
and my first blog post is for [Harshlands] . and put together Little branch shrub.

Autumn season is great season for take picture in SL.
Middy time also beautiful but night time also very interesting. i am not good at to make night time picture.
but i feel i am getting well night time picture also :)

Credit @ [Harshlands] in Swank
Build : [HL] Stone Church (Mossy)
Tree : [HL] Jack-o-Tree
wall : [HL] Graveyard Gate (Mossy)
wall : [HL] Graveyard Wall (closed - mossy)
wall : [HL] Graveyard Wall (corner - mossy)
coffin : [HL] Waited too long

Credit @ Little branch
Shrub : LB_WeepingWIillowShrub.v2{Animated}*4Seasons
Shrub : LB_WeepingWIillowShrub.v1{Animated}*4Seasons
*Both season change by touch
Mushroom : LB_FlyAgaric_Mushrooms_Cluster.v2{Mesh}
*mushroom color change by touch
Grass : LB_OakGrass_Fall*Summer{Mesh}2Li

Enjoy your October in SL and RL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.