The last dinner...


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekend :)

When i see irrISIStible items first time, it looks beautiful at outside of the building.
but when i see inside of building, im surprised lol because it is very scare for me... lol
She is amazing creator i really love her creation. sometimes my imagination does not come together but she is soo artistic. 

Credit @ irrISIStible in Swank

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes in Swank
Dining set : <Heart Homes> Halloween Dining Table Set for Two

Credit @ Raindale in The Fantasy Collective (October,10-November,10)
Flower : Raindale - Demonroot flowers (red)
Flower : Raindale - Demonroot flowers (black)
Flower : Raindale - Demonroot flowers (purple)

Happy shopping and Enjoy creepy day!
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