a bit sleepy day


Dear reader. Hope you have lovely Thursday!

Thursday is my work day but today i am off!
Then i will off tomorrow too That is great. Then after off days, going to work again from Saturday :)

Credit @ Dreamland Design  in Gimme Gacha Event
"Cozy Plaids Living room Set Gacha"
wall door : DD Old Dirty Seasons Door GOI
Divider : 10. Rustic Lamp Room Divider
Chair : 2.DD Cozy Plaids Chair RARE
Lamp : 9.DD Grey Brocade Table Lamp
table : 7.Old Rustic Ornamental Sidetable
table decor : 13.DD Plaid Metal Box
table decor : 6.DD Yummy Stollen Cake Decor
Rug : 4.DD Soft beige Linen Rug
table decor : 12.DD Snowy Truck Decor
table : 16.15.DD Industrial Round Livingroom Table M
Vase : 14.DD Elegant Branch Vase
Couch : 1.DD Cozy Plaids Couch ULTRARARE
wall lamp : 11.DD Brocade Double Lamp
Burner : 5.DD Old Rusty Wood Burner

Credit @ Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
Pumpkin decor
Aphrodite sweey beige pumpkin A
Fabric Pumpkin C
Aphrodite sweet beige pumpkin B
Fabric Pumpkin A
Fabric Pumpkin B

Happy shopping and enjoy!
Thanks for coming to my blog.