Autumn hideout


Dear reader. Hope you have lovely Sunday :)

Swank Fall into Autumn event opened from 7th to the 30th.
Event area was rebuild. So i changed my pick position too :)
so please visit and enjoy exploring!

Credit @ Mindgardens Creations in Swank Fall into Autumn event
Gazebo : MG - Enchanted Autumn Gazebo
Bench : MG - Enchanted Autumn Bench - Animated
table : MG - Enchanted Autumn Forest Leaf Table
Retreat : MG - Lovers Retreat - Autumn v2
tree : MG - Gnarled Lantern Autumn Tree w/Vines
tree : MG - Autumn Oak Tree - Blinking Lights & Lantern
plant : MG - Elephant Ear Plant v4
bridge : MG - Enchanted Autumn Bridge
stone foot path : MG - Sunstone Mossy Footpath - Curved
ground cover : MG - Autumn Ground Leaves Scattered
ground cover : MG - Autumn Ground Ivy
Fairy : MG - Lil Autumn Fairy Garden
stump : MG - Enchanted Autumn Lovers Picnic - Animated

Credit @ Chez Moi furniture in  THE GACHA GARDEN
"Gacha Woodland"
wood table : Woodland Picnic Table CHEZ MOI
wood plant : Succulent 1 CHEZ MOI
garden decor : Woodland Log Deer CHEZ MOI
apple cart : Woodland Apple Kart CHEZ MOI
log chair : Woodland Log Chair 2 CHEZ MOI
log chair : Woodland Log Chair 1 CHEZ MOI
campfire : Woodland Campfire CHEZ MOI

Happy shopping!
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