Sweet November


Dear reader. Hope upcoming weekend will great for you!

I feel sad November is going to in middle and and... so winter will come.
I really loved the autumn season. feeling sad but if you are next to me, i can be warm with love.
sometimes sadness but romantic season is autumn. at least for me.

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8}
"The Glamper Set"
Cabin : Glamper Cabin CHEZ MOI
bed : Inflatable Glamper Bed (Adult) CHEZ MOI
heater : Glamper Heater CHEZ MOI
Chair : Glamper Chair CHEZ MOI
*Chair and Bed color change by HUD

Credit @ GOOSE  in Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8}
wagon : GOOSE - Hay wagon ADULT
Hay : GOOSE - Hay bale
3 hay : GOOSE - 3 Hay bales
floor cover : GOOSE - Hay floor cover

Credit @ {Your Dreams} in Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8}
bench : {YD} Sweet November -  Bench PG/A
light : {YD} Sweet November -  Post lamp

Credit @ SOURCES in Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8}
sofa : IOFA warm chair by Sources
*Color change by HUD

Yugen.// young linden. 03 by Yugen (Marketplace)
Yugen.// young linden. 02 by Yugen (Marketplace)
Yugen.// young linden. 04 by Yugen (Marketplace)
Yugen.// young linden. 01 by Yugen (Marketplace)

Falling leaves and Floor carpet of fallen leaves
.Florix. Falling Leaves - 01 RED by .Florix.
.Florix. Falling Leaves - 02 OLD by .Florix.
.Florix. Falling Leaves - 01 YELLOW by .Florix.
.Florix. Falling Leaves - Floor RED by .Florix.
.Florix. Falling Leaves - Floor GREEN by .Florix.
.Florix. Falling Leaves - Floor OLD by .Florix.

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I will message back soon as much as i can.

Enjoy and have fun :)
thanks for coming to my blog.