Take the sun to my skin


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday :)

Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8} opened on 4th. running to the 16th November.

Chilly autumn is here. little by little i would be feel cold.
I love that he hold me from behind when cold so i can get warm in many ways :D

Credit @ **OLD WORLD** in Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8}
food dish : OW Russian set of food "Na Troih" v1

Credit @ Kaerri in Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8}
"Lunaria Set"
wall art : Lunaria Picture
vase flower : Fall 2019 Lily Arrangement
vase flower : Fall 2019 Poppy Arrangement
Couch : Lunaria Couch
Vase flower : Lunaria Vase
table : Lunaria Coffee Table
table decor : Lunaria Decor
rug : Lunaria Rug

Credit @ [Cinoe] in Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8} "Pale Dawn"
[Cinoe] Pale dawn - Mirror
[Cinoe] Pale dawn - Bureau
[Cinoe] Pale dawn - Bureau cloth 1
[Cinoe] Pale dawn - Chair

Credit @ MADRAS in Cosmopolitan {Round 12/8}
"Floral Statuette Decor Set"
Floral Statuette B
Floral Statuette A
Floral Statuette Linked
Floral Floor Statuette Crystal
Floral Floor Statuette Iron

wall plant : Mithral * Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger (Silver)

Enjoy new round of cosmopolitan and have happy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.