a bit bright morning..


Dear reader. Hope your Sunday is nice more than weekday!

Even still November, sometimes feel cold like midwinter.
Felt like would be like snowy day 2 days ago. but it was just rain.
If you are here, I would ask you that would you hold me more tight than i hold you?

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan {Round 13/8}
Bridge : GOOSE - snowy bridge
bridge curve : GOOSE - Snowy bridge curve R
bridge curve : GOOSE - Snowy bridge curve L

Credit @ Killer's Production in Cosmopolitan {Round 13/8}
Bus stop building : "Killer's" XXX Bus Stop
bench : "Killer's" Winter Garden Bench (PG)

Credit @ The looking Glass
Tree : TLG - Winter's Love Bridal Tree - Glitter

Scene decor : [wa5] Winter Snowy Rocks Plants Arrangement CM by .:Tm:.Creation
[DDD] Snow Pile by Dysfunctionality
:Fanatik Architecture: NEW YORK Winter Straight B
:Fanatik Architecture: Snow 2