Holiday Joy


Dear reader. Hop your FAB weekend :)

SL Christmas Expo is running to the 15th December.
Blogger busy month is December and that makes me exiting every year.
SL Christmas Expo it is 9th year....The Charity event which their proceeds will go to American Cancer Society.
All info of Christmas Expo :
Shopping catalog (Showing all items are 100% donation items) :
Shopping Directory :

SL Christmas Expo welcome Region

Of course there is alot of more items on each shop.
Enjoy the exploring and shopping and auction and alot of Entertainment.
Santa is waiting for you :)

You can get all items from SL Christmas Expo in below picture.
I wrote the credit with main store URL on store name and put the direct LM on "SL Christmas Expo".

Credit @ Spargel & Shine Homes in SL Christmas Expo 2019
Long chair : Arden Lovechair Tintable w/Pillows - Spargel & Shine Homes
Chair : Arden Armchair Tintable w/Pillow - Spargel & Shine Homes

Credit @ Casa de Bebe in SL Christmas Expo
Fireplace : {CdB} Victoria Antique Fireplace-Exclusive
stocking : {CdB} Bear Burlap Stocking
stocking : {CdB} Patchwork Stocking
stocking : {CdB} Katy's Stocking
stocking : {CdB} Joy Stocking
bed : {CDB} Victoria Folk Bed - PG - Exclusive
decor : {CdB} Victoria Christmas Mirror
decor : {CdB} Christmas Lantern-Stocking Stuffer-Exclusive
table : {CdB} Santa Red Bedside Table
decor : {CdB} Swedish Ivy

Credit @ ~NAUGHTYbits~ in SL Christmas Expo
Rug : [NB] ~ The Naughty List Area Rug * Design change by touch
Stack of present : [NB] ~ Stack of Presents Decor
Red chair : [NB] ~ The Naughty List BlowJob Chair
puppy with cloth : [NB] ~ The Christmas Puppy
side table : [NB] ~ The Naughty List Side Table
Christmas tree : [NB] ~ The Naughty List Christmas Tree

Credit @ StoraxTree in SL Christmas Expo
Shelf : Holiday Console Shelves B
Shelf : Holiday Console Shelves A
Candle place : Chimenea C w Candles Holiday As

Credit @ DCKM in SL Christmas Expo
wall decor : DCKM Curtain Moon - BC 1
wall decor : DCKM Celestial Surge RFL Bubbles 1
wall decor : DCKM Celestial Surge Teal Bubbles 1
wall decor : DCKM Curtain Moon - OC 1
wall art : DCKM Shadow Box  Stray Cats  - BC 2
wall art : DCKM Shadow Box  Stray Cats - OC 1

Credit @ Dench Designs in SL Christmas Expo
Dining table : *Dench Designs* Winter Table
*Rezzing by rezzar
*table decor comes up from menu by touch

Credit @ Dragonsworn in SL Christmas Expo
Snowman decor : Snowmen Gonk Decor  with Resizer

Credit @ Dekute Dekore in SL Christmas Expo
wall decor : Rustic Joy Sign : by Dekute Dekore

I hope you enjoy your Holiday month.
Thanks for coming to my blog.