North Friend


Dear reader. Hope your great Sunday :)

December has alot of events in SL. and in RL too :)
Christmas and end of the year sale and etc...
I hope you enjoying the winter season!

Credit @ Raindale in The Arcade Gacha
"Northsong gacha"
cabin : Rare - Raindale - Northsong cabin CM
bed : Raindale - Northsong hanging bed - light (PG+adult) CM
pole : Raindale - Northsong poles with lights 1 CM
pole : Raindale - Northsong poles with lights 2 CM

Credit @ Lilith's Den in Swank December 
Lilith's Den - Snowy Fir [large display]  triple
Lilith's Den - Snowy Fir [small display] single a
Lilith's Den - Snowy Fir [large display] couple b
Lilith's Den - Snowy Fir [large display] single a

Winter deer scene : [NB] ~ Winter Stag Scene by ~NAUGHTYbits~
Winter tree scene : [NB] ~ Winter Scene by ~NAUGHTYbits~
Fox : JIAN Arctic Fox :: Static Sit R by JIAN
Fox : JIAN Arctic Fox :: Static Stand 1 L by JIAN
Fox : JIAN Arctic Fox :: Static Sleep L  by JIAN

Enjoy your winter life in SL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.