Hi, finished work??


Dear reader. Hope your Secondlife is great :)

and Santa is here in my picture.
Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8} is running to the 14th.
Santa met with other Santa in front of good girl house :)

Credit @  Killer's Production in Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8}
Cottage : "KIller's" Winter Cabin Part I

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8}
Santa on sleigh : Inflatable Santa Sleigh (High LOD) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8}
Bench : GOOSE - Bench with snow
Lamp : GOOSE - Lamp in snow
Swing : GOOSE - swing snow heart

Credit @ GOOSE in Tannenbaum
Pathway : GOOSE - Snowy sidewalk T SECTION
Pathway : GOOSE - Snowy sidewalk CROSSROAD
Pathway : GOOSE - Snowy sidewalk STRAIGHT long

Credit @ Armonia Decor in Cosmopolitan {Round 14/8}
wood Christmas tree : Armonia Decor [AD] We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Red)

Credit @ Little branch 
Shrub : LB_WildBerryShrub{Animated}*4Seasons

Tree : TLG - Winter's Love Bridal Tree - Glitter by The Looking Glass
Street lamp : ChiMia:: Victorian Street Lamp by ChiMia

Wishes you enjoying Christmas preparation.
Thanks for coming to my blog.