Season's nap


Dear reader. Hope your January is going great!

My January is going good so far. Somtimes a bit lonely but im fine.
My darling's real life is different with other month. so as much as my life (RL and Sl both) make busy.
I am a rabbit i will die if i am too lonely :)

and as you know Cosmopolitan {Round 17/8} new round is running to the 25th.
Happy shopping and enjoy!

Credit @ Killer's Productions in Cosmopolitan {Round 17/8}
"Killer's" Outpost Shack (PG) (Light Blue)
"Killer's"  Grunge Garden Bench (PG)

Credit @ Little Branch in Cosmopolitan {Round 17/8}

Credit @ ~NAUGHTYbits~
[NB] ~ Hot Cocoa Cart

Landscape : Spring Rock (Example1) by Landscaping by Felix

Enjoy your exploring in SL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.