Dear reader. How is your Saturday? :)
From today, most of Japanese worker would have holiday until Monday.
2nd Monday of January is Coming of Age day.
If you know more : (English)
It was long long time ago for me .. lol 

Swank January round is running to the 30th.
I hope you visit and enjoy the shopping!

Credit @ EVHAH in Swank
EVH Boracay  Bed
EVH Boracay  divider
EVH Boracay Curtain round
EVH Boracay Curtain
EVH Boracay Lamp
EVH Boracay Vase
EVH Boracay Octagon Lamp

Credit @ Refuge
Refuge - Spring Gala Flags and Lights Pink
Refuge - Spring Gala Chair Pink
Refuge - Spring Gala Table Pink
Refuge - Spring Gala Table Light Yellow

Enjoy and have fun!
Thanks for coming to my blog.