Happy in LOVE


Dear reader.  Hope your Thursday will good than yesterday!

Since after BOM came to SL, still i have feel lag. i moved the land some places to live.
because worked lag for everything -- avater working and adjust on furniture and decorating work.
After moved some places, i noticed that feel lag on everywhere.
specially when i working for blog, its so annoyed if it lag.
but not whole day. evening time (for me) is good working for everything. I hope it will be better in whole day :)

and Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8} is running to the 8th February.

Credit @ Spargel & Shine Homes in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
House : Meadow Creek Barn House - Spargel & Shine Homes
Flower Box Arrangement - Spargel & Shine Homes

Credit @ Raindale in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
Raindale - Woodgrace bench - black (adult)

Credit @ Armonia Decor in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
Armonia Decor [AD] Valentines Balloons (Heart)
Armonia Decor [AD] Valentines Balloons (Wings)
Armonia Decor [AD] Valentines Balloons (Arrow)
Armonia Decor [AD] L (Animations)
Armonia Decor [AD] O (Animations)
Armonia Decor [AD] V (Animations)
Armonia Decor [AD] E (Decor)

Credit @ SOURCES in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
KIBAIN classic bathtub by Sources

Credit @ (Fundati) in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
Mediocris Tree II
Mediocris Tree IV
Mediocris Tree V
Mediocris Tree VII
Mediocris Tree III

Grass flower : TLG - Harmony Garden Daisies by The looking grass
Grass : TLG - The Shrine Tree Grass Clumps by The looking grass

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.