Life is like a dream


Dear reader. Hope your weekday is fine so far :)

Swank January round "Renew yourself" is running to the 30th.
and all items in my picture are available in Swank current round.
I hope you enjoy shopping.

After finished to make picture, i made once more.
specially when i find more good point view to take photo, I have.
so this picture will be different point view on my flicker :)  I hope you like it.

Credit @ Enchanted Fantasy in Swank
Hanging Hollow Glass Ornament White Flowers & Orange Butterfly

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Swank
DD London Vintage Bed-Adult
DD Fluffy Biege Rug
DD Breakfast In Paris Tray

Credit @ BSHouse in Swank
BSHouse  Shelf  Boxes  Bella
BSHouse   Puff Boxes  Bella (PG)
BSHouse  Coffe Table Boxes Bella
BSHouse  Sofa'Boxes   Bella (PG)
BSHouse Dog and Puppies
BSHouse  lighrt1
BSHouse  lighrt2

House : llorisen // mulvaney cabin with curtains