Simply perfect


Dear reader. Today is Friday!
I hope you have happy shopping in weekend with special offer :)

Dimi's released so so cute backdrop "Camping on the Lawn".
Including with 6 couple poses. it is shame that i could not show you one of the couple pose :)
My bf was busy when i making this scenery ... so i hope next time!

Credit @ DiMi'S in La Vie En Pose (DEMO is in main store too)
backdrop : DiMi's - Camping on the Lawn Rez (96 LI)
*with 6 couple pose

Credit @ Sway's
Garden decor
Sway's [Heart] Garden Arch
Sway's [Heart Birds] garden stake
Sway's [Heart] Bistro Chair - pink
Sway's [Heart] Bistro Table
Sway's [Heart] Bistro Chair - aqua
Sway's [Heart Birds] bird bath
Sway's [Mira] Covered Bench . Moss

Landscape : Spring Rock 6 - 5 Li=10x7m by Landscaping by Felix

Today's credit is very simple :)
but i feel i could show many things in this picture. I hope you like those items!

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.